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Industry News >> Freight Rise and Space Shortage near Spring Festival
 Freight Rise and Space Shortage near Spring Festival

Freight rise and space shortage near Spring Festival in China have been quite common for foreign trade industry. There are three major causes. The first is that Chinese sellers usually arrange centralized shipment before Spring Festival; the second is that European and American shipping lines welcome “Christmas Market” at the end of every year; the last is that major shipping alliances consistently implement the policies of withdrawal of ship and reduction of space to guarantee that freight prices are at a high level in the traditional peak season. 

Shipping is mainly divided into container shipping and bulk shipping and freight rise is related with coming traditional peak season. Chinese sellers tend to ship goods before Spring Festival and European and American buyers need to stock up in advance for major festivals including “Black Friday” and Christmas. Major ports in China are out of space for a time. Under such condition, shipping enterprises no matter in China or foreign countries raise freight prices. Insides express that shipping space is really insufficient and freight rise is a reality but not so exaggerated. The period near Spring Festival is a peak season for shipping so freight rise is a quite normal market condition. 

Besides, space shortage in shipping is related to that the entire shipping industry raises freight to maintain profit. Global shipping industry is relatively centralized and top 10 enterprises occupy 60% to 70% of shipping capacity. Thus, all major shipping alliances adopt withdrawal of ship and reduction of space, trying to set freight at a high level in the traditional peak season. 

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