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Industry News >> Current Situation and Prospect of Diamond Tools
 Current Situation and Prospect of Diamond Tools

Generally, diamond tools are divided into cutting tools, grinding & polishing tools, drilling tools and profiling tools and they are widely used in various fields of stone, machinery and vehicle. Nowadays, Chinese diamond tools have been serialized. Varieties and specifications of diamond tools are relatively complete. Chinese diamond tools have certain competitiveness in international market but the majority of them belong to low-end products. Entering high-end market is the priority among priorities for future development of Chinese diamond tools.

With the development of world economy, natural stone, artificial stone, glass and cerement products have been widely applied in roads, bridges, houses, decoration, decorations and articles of daily use. Processing of these materials is in need of various kinds of diamond tools.

At the present stage, several main bases of diamond tools have been formed in China and diamond tools in some other regions are also in process of rapid development. Chinese manufacturing enterprises of diamond tools are improving independent innovation capacity constantly to develop various kinds of high-end products to meet the demand of domestic and international market. Production technology of diamond tools is being improved as well to raise the production efficiency and lower the rate of defective products.

Stable growth of Chinese economy and development of building materials, machining, mineral exploration and railway construction are powerful driving forces for the development of diamond tools. 

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